April 2023 Newletter


New Bill Would End the Use Of Police K-9 Units

Crescent City Council and Del Norte Republicans Supervisors voted to oppose Assembly Bill 742

Assembly Bill 742, newly introduced into the State Assembly, would end the use of police K-9 units, taking valuable resources away from law enforcement.  This would specifically end the use of K-9 units for arrest, apprehension, and crowd control. 

 Both the Del Norte County Supervisors and the Crescent City Council voted to oppose this state bill that would ban police from using unleashed dogs to arrest or apprehend subjects. Thank you!

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California Senate Democrats voted to increase gas prices for all Californians 

Senate Democrats voted to support Gavin Newsom’s gas price increase despite already sky-high gas prices throughout the state. Republican Senate Leader Brian Jones led an effort to reduce our gas prices by $1/gallon and Senate Democrats shot down his bill. 

Take a look for yourself below on which Senate Democrats refused to join Republicans to give Californians a break at the gas pump. 

Del Norte Republicans Participate in the Clean California Community Day

On Saturday, March 25th, along northbound Highway 101, beginning at Parkway Drive, you may have seen men and women wearing hardhats and vests. The Del Norte Republicans participated in a statewide effort to clean up California one segment at a time.

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