February 2023 Newsletter

What an amazing year we've had! Thank you to our amazing volunteers! Congratulations to all our great candidates for working so hard. We now have a commanding presence of republicans on all local boards. And a special thank you to Tonya Pearcey for keeping our headquarters open throughout election season.
Did you know... The California Presidential primary is March 7, 2024 and the filing period starts November 13, 2023. That's just around the corner. Recruit now!
Did you know... The 6 stars in our DNGOP logo represents each community in Del Norte County: Gasquet, Hiouchi, Smith River, Fort Dick, Crescent City, Klamath. We represent all in our communities. We'd love for you to join us. Volunteer today
This month, we have a special guest speaker. Come join us!
Jessica Patterson, the Chair of the California Republican Party since 2019, is running for a third term and believes that the achievements under her leadership warrant her reelection. Come with your questions and find out how she plans to move California forward.

As we ring in 2023, We The People will be affected by the many new laws that the California legislature passed in 2022. But how do we protect our ourselves and family and have a hand in how these laws affect our community? We show up, we get involved. Below you will find when boards and committees meet. You can attend in person, by zoom or watch on Youtube during or after the meeting occurs. Let your elected hear from you. So....
Challenge for the month...Attend just one board meeting this month and find a subject/item that is near and dear to your heart. Provide feedback. Let your voice be heard. Be that influence! Be the squeeky wheel.
Let's work to keep government accountable and Del Norte RED!!
Karen Sanders
Volunteer and Chair, Del Norte Republicans
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