January 2022 Newsletter

As we ring in 2022, we are excited about what lies ahead.  This is the year of action and results! The year COMMON SENSE wins! We start off with a workshop in February, then meet our statewide and local candidates in March and of course in June, the 2022 Primary election!  Check out our schedule.

With redistricting behind us, view the final draft maps: Local and State, our goal is to stay diligent and work hard to gain more Republican seats at the local level and win Republican seats at the state level. Are you on board?  Our efforts include increasing Republican voter registration, recruiting candidates for the upcoming election and keeping Del Norte County red! If you’d like to join us, please click on the volunteer button below. 
Have you thought of running for office?  There are many opportunities locally and at the state level…click here to view the entire list. If you are interested or know another Republican that is, let us know. Click here. And lots of training opportunities. Start with this. More to come.
Thank you to all who donated socks to our Sock Drive!  We collected over 300 pairs of socks!  Del Norte Republicans did make a difference!  Thank you!!
Thank you to the Del Norte Republican Central Committee members, our invaluable volunteers and donors.  We look forward to the New Year!  
We need you in 2022 to keep electing common sense! 


Happy New Year!

Karen Sanders, 
Volunteer and Chair, Del Norte Republicans
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