February 2022 Newsletter

With election season upon us, candidates will soon be filing for office with the deadline being March 11, 2022. There are still a few opportunities locally and at the state level to run…click here to view the entire list. If you are interested or know another Republican that is, let us know. Click here. 
Our upcoming Campaign Management Workshop on February 26th is for everyone! Whether you are running for office, supporting candidates, conducting voter contact, or getting out the vote, this workshop will equip you to manage or contribute to winning the campaign!  
We have an exciting central committee meeting on February 16th at 6 pm. We will have 3 statewide candidates speaking: David Fennell - Candidate for Lt. GovernorLanhee Chan -Candidate for State Controller, and George Yang, Candidate for State Superintendent of Instructions. Join us!
We have a busy year!  Check out our schedule.
Thank you to all that called and emailed Assemblyman Jim Wood, or your Assemblymember asking for a NO vote on universal healthcare.  Sacramento was overwhelmed by the push back which resulted in not having enough votes to bring the bill to the floor! You made the difference!  This is how we work together and keep our elected accountable!  Your action produced results!
Let’s all work together in 2022 and keep electing common sense!  
Karen Sanders, 
Volunteer and Chair, Del Norte Republicans
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