Chairman's Message

Dear Del Norte Republicans,


We face one of the greatest challenges in the history of our Republic to preserve the limited government

our Founders gave us.  As the

Chair of the Del Norte  Republican Party, I stand ready, willing and able to join with you in meeting that challenge.

I believe good governance starts at the local level and making Republican candidates and causes competitive. The Del Norte County Republican Party focuses on local issues and puts forth candidates who adhere to our conservative principles and are responsive to the best interests of our community we proudly call home.

Those core values are individual liberty, responsibility and accountability; protecting property rights; encouraging free enterprise; law and order; public health and safety; leaner, efficient government; and fiscal responsibility.

The strength of our party is a combined effort of volunteers, donors and putting forth our core values.  Will you join us? It takes all of us, working together, to elect Republicans to State and local offices and to build a strong Del Norte County Republican Party.

I look forward to working with you!

Karen Sanders

Chairman, Del Norte County Republican Party


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